Facts and Figures

  • The data science market is set to reach USD 103 billion by 2023
  • In 2019, data science market is expected to grow by 20%
  • 97.2% of organizations are investing in big data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Big data and analytics market worth $49 billion in 2019.
  • Google generated USD 116.4 billions from advertising business mostly via the use of data science.
  • In 2012, only 0.5% of all data were analyzed.
  • Job listings for data science and analytics will reach around 2.7 million by 2020.
  • In 2015, there were between 11,400 and 19,400 data scientists worldwide. McKinsey predicted that in 2018 there should be approximately 2.8 million people with analytical talent.
  • Since 2012, the need to manage raw data created 14 million jobs worldwide!
  • BM predicts that by 2020, the demand for data scientists will increase by 28%.
  • Data scientists average salary will be USD115,000 per year.
  • Data scientist is the sexiest job in the 21st century
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