The Organizers

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics in its capacity as the sole source of official statistics in Palestine, continuously seeks to enhance statistical literacy and awareness of the importance of data, its utilization targeting specific audience groups including government officials, policy, planning and decision makers, students, research and academic institutes, and the general public. The PCBS is also continuously seeking to develop coordination and partnership opportunities with stakeholders as part of its overall National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS).

The Arab American University (AAUP) is the first private Palestinian university, founded in year 2000. AAUP provides quality education for Palestinian and international students and aspires to be a leader in Palestinian higher education. AAUP works relentlessly to provide a satisfactory learning environment and thus is continuously working to seize available opportunities, so as to adapt, grow and understand change in a rapidly-evolving society. Among the new academic program which were opened in recent years, the university has now launched a new master degree in data science to stay abreast of the high demand in this unique specialization.

The PCBS and the AAUP have signed a mutual memorandum of understanding that will enable both sides to join forces in a complementary manner to enhance mutual fields and interests to achieve the ultimate goal of serving the Palestinian community. For organizing the “Data Matters Festival”, a special committee has been formed to ensure a solid ground for successful preparation and implementation of the event.

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