Data Matters Festival

The festival, which will be the first of its kind in the State of Palestine, aims to promote the culture of data science in Palestine. The festival is also considered a golden opportunity to exchange ideas and expertise, as well as getting knowledge of the national and international initiatives on data science, where certain national and international success stories in different aspects will be demonstrated highlighting the contribution of data science in creating innovative solutions that have to do with people’s interests and daily lives.

A joint team from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) and the Arab American University (AAUP) is in charge of following up on all activities related to the organization of the festival and meets periodically and submits periodic reports on the progress made on the preparations related to the festival. The joint team also takes care of preparing all the materials required for the festival through specialized technical teams, where all resources and facilities are secured in both institutions to ensure the success of the festival towards organizing it on yearly basis as it would give the opportunity for the Palestinian society, in general, and the youth, in particular, to demonstrate successful experiences and enhance the capabilities of different cadres in the Palestinian institutions to contribute to the achievement of the strategic plan of the Palestinian government 2017-2022 through benefiting from the available resources and expertise efficiently.

The festival hosts keynote speakers from pioneering international institutions in the field of data science to demonstrate real-life examples that provide solutions to issues that people face in their daily lives and contribute to the sustainable development of the Palestinian people in many aspects of life.

A scientific exhibition is organized on the margins of the festival in which many national and international institutions participate to promote their products and services that have to do with data science.

Funding of the festival is secured through the joint efforts of  both PCBS and AAUP by approaching donors and international institutions interested in this subject based on the relations of the two institutions with many regional and international organizations.


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