Data Science Initiative Activities

  • Practical events on data science, big data topics, methods and technologies.
  • Interdisciplinary seminars and workshops on cutting-edge aspects of data science.
  • Connecting students and new graduates with internship opportunities to gain and practice data science skills.
  • Connecting professionals from different disciplines in a shared space to foster interactions, ideas and solutions with focus on data science.
  • Providing executives from different fields with key tools and skills to understand and learn basic skills of data science applications to develop businesses, and the importance of hiring data scientists to solve business problems.
  • Building capacities of new graduates, civil servants, employees of private sectors in the field of data science, helping them gain new skills to improve their daily tasks and giving them a competitive advantage for employment or career development.
  • Raising awareness among schools’ students on data science and teaching them basic skills in using of data.
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